Russia versus the West

The World

After meeting with Ukraine’s President today, Britain’s Foreign Secretary said both countries stood together in their condemnation of Russian actions in Georgia. The remarks came a day after Russia recognized the independence of Georgian breakaway regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia. President Bush has warned his Russian counterparts that Russia’s irresponsible decision was exacerbating tensions in the region, while Britain suggested the EU and NATO need to revisit their interests in the region. Meanwhile China expressed concern for the first time today about developments in the breakaway regions. Georgia’s President said Russia’s intentions in the breakaway regions show Russia’s true intentions. Russia maintains it had no choice but to send troops into Georgia and recognize the independence of the breakaway regions because Georgia launched a genocide in South Ossetia and Russia was trying to prevent a catastrophe. Russian officials have likened their actions to the West’s backing of Kosovo’s independence earlier this year. Other analysts say Kosovo was a different case because of UN resolutions backing Kosovo’s independence.

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