Solar power booming in the United States


After years of waiting and hoping, solar power is now affordable, and some solar power companies are cashing in.

Carol Rosenberg

Nine things we’ve learned from Carol Rosenberg’s 13 years covering Guantanamo

Conflict & Justice
Dick Cheney lost influence as the Bush administration moved into its second term. Here are the two men at a Pentagon ceremony in December 2006.

Who was the ‘alpha male’ inside the Bush White House?

Global Politics

Iranian American dismayed to learn State Department no longer wants his services

Global Politics

12 years after Bush v. Gore, election controversies still exist in absence of reform

Global Politics

As Gingrich presses, fiction becomes fact on food stamp debate

Global Politics

Newt Gingrich has taken to calling President Barack Obama “the food stamp president.” But in terms of his rhetoric, some of the statements aren’t quite accurate, a social welfare professor said.

United States plans’ for leaving Iraq include large military presence in Kuwait

With all U.S. troops set to leave Iraq by year’s end, the U.S. Army is planning to transform a logistics base in Kuwait back into a base for combat force.

BET’s Robert Johnson wants companies to be required to interview minority candidates

With unemployment among blacks double that of whites, many are advocating overt, targeted efforts to create jobs among African-Americans. One CEO says we should implement something like the NFL’s Rooney Rule for corporate America.


Guantanamo Bay and an unending war on terror

Global Politics

The new National Defense Authorization Act currently being debated Congress contains provisions that would declare an ongoing war on terror.

Bush v. Gore and the coming election recounts

Global Politics

The November 2 races will likely keep election watchers up all night and busy for days afterward, too.