Iranian-Americans on the U.S. election

The World

The presidential election is a hot topic on local Persian language radio. Iranian-Americans are paying attention because their homeland has become a central topic of the debate on U.S. foreign policy. Interest in the U.S. election was apparent at this Iranian festival near Los Angeles. This woman is campaigning for McCain. She came to LA just after the Iranian Revolution and she says she’s supporting McCain because of his refusal to negotiate with the Iranian government. Nearby is a booth covered with posters for Obama. This supporter is supporting Obama because McCain’s policies towards Iran worry her, and she still has family in Iran. The attitudes towards the candidates are less black and white amongst Iranian-American youths. Born in Iran but raised in California, this boy says he’s more concerned about having work when he graduates college than foreign policy. This college student is Jewish and was born in U.S. after he parents fled Iran during the Cultural Revolution. She says foreign policy and the economy are most important to her so she’s voting for McCain. She thinks Obama’s approach is totally misguided. No matter who the preference for candidate is, all Iranian-Americans agree voting is important.

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