A young woman with duck tape over her mouth that says "Feed Me Opportunity"

University of California votes to not allow undocumented students to work on campus, for now

Undocumented students have been lobbying the University of California for the right to work legally on campus for more than a year. They argue that the UC’s 4,000 students who are not US citizens still need a way to earn a paycheck and get the same kind of academic work experiences that their peers do. But, federal immigration law prohibits hiring anyone without work authorization. And last week, UC regents voted against changing hiring rules. From San Francisco, KQED’s Madi Bolaños reports.


San Diego doctor says height of the border wall is leading to more injuries from falls

Ariya Tok poses with her fellow graduates after they received their certificates at a Cambodian cultural graduation ceremony at Cal State Long Beach.

Cambodian American graduates: More than victims of genocide

Vira Ustyanska, a 34-year-old artist, fled her home in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, soon after the war started. She now lives in San Diego, California, with a host family waiting for the war to end.

Finding home in California after fleeing war in Ukraine

Antonio Lopez makes markings in the sand to show what sea turtle tracks look like.

From the desert to the sea, CRRIFS cares for and protects San Carlos wildlife

Old growth Douglas fir trees stand along the Salmon river Trail on the Mt. Hood National Forest

1 in 6 trees in the US threatened with extinction


A recent study concludes that 1 in 6 US tree species are at risk of extinction, largely due to pests and disease.

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Safe and unsilenced: Afghan scholars find refuge at US universities

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​​​​​​​As they watched the Taliban take over Kabul, a group of Bay Area universities got together to bring Afghan scholars to the US by funding their residencies.

A sea turtle heads back to the ocean after the tortugueros have finished gathering data on it

Kino Bay’s Becerra family gave up traditional fishing to focus on saving sea turtles


Green sea turtles are an endangered species and among the largest of their kind in the world. They’re also the only herbivorous sea turtles. Now, some conservation groups are trying to protect them.

Prem Pariyar stands in front of Alexander Meiklejohn Hall on the campus of California State University, East Bay.

‘Hidden discrimination’: California university joins national trend to protect against caste bias on campus

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Caste was outlawed decades ago across South Asia. But it still exists and has found its way to American campuses.

Luke Sital-Singh's new single is called "Me & God."

Musician Luke Sital-Singh finds catharsis by singing a song to God

Sital-Singh, now an atheist, has released a single, “Me & God,” which gets up close and personal with his faith.