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Today, of course, Gustav hit the Louisiana Coast. But there’s not a cloud in the sky a few hundred miles to the west….in Monterrey, Mexico. Maybe that’s because the city has a secret weapon. It’s the subject of today’s Global Hit…from The World’s Marco Werman.

Call it a musical high pressure system. The band Plastilina Mosh can’t deflect hurricanes. But the music of the Monterrey punk-funkers sounds like these guys have never seen a rainy day.

That’s Plastilina Mosh on its new CD, “All You Need Is Mosh.” That’s a reference to The Beatles “All You Need Is Love.”

But the quintet isn’t of that generation. Founding members Jonaz Gonzalez and Alejandro Rosso met in 1996 while playing Super Nintendo. Jonaz was a thrash metal head. Rosso, a classically trained pianist.

Now, Jonaz and Rosso represent the triangle of culture that is their lives: Monterrey, Mexico City and Los Angeles. And yet, the music they make with Plastilina Mosh doesn’t really evoke ANY of those places.

On this track “Pasa Fino,” Plastilina Mosh teams up with the vocalist of Argentine band Babasonicos. In the past few years, Jonaz and Rosso have gotten the attention of many artists from across Latin America.

The co-founders of Plastilina Mosh know how to entertain themselves musically. Apparently a lot of fellow musicians figure that if they can team up with Plastilina Mosh, they can get in on the fun too.

For The World, I’m Marco Werman.

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