Mexico City

Once the epicenter of hydraulic engineering, Mexico City is now running out of water


Water supplies in Mexico City are at a historic low due to low rainfall, rising temperatures and outdated infrastructure. The World’s Tibisay Zea reports on the paradox of a sinking, thirsty city that was once surrounded by lakes.

The CAFEMIN shelter in Mexico City is designed for 80 people, but it's currently hosting 500, with most of them sleeping on gym mats in the shelter's basketball court.

Shelters for migrants in Mexico City overwhelmed as US changes its asylum rules

President Joe Biden, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet.

Biden seeks allies on migration crisis at US-Mexico border

The beach at the popular tourist resort of Puerto Peñasco in the state of Sonora, Mexico, September 2018.

Mexico’s clean energy plan could run into trouble at leaders’ summit

Relatives of the 43 missing students from the rural teachers college march holding pictures of their missing loved ones during a protest in Mexico City, Dec. 26, 2015. 

43 students from a rural Mexican college disappeared 7 years ago. This deep dive delves into what happened to them.

Human rights
Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada. 

Mexican crooner converts heartbreak into joy — and music


At 24, Silvana Estrada has already established herself as one of Mexico’s most promising singer-songwriters. Her debut album, “Marchita,” or “Withered,” tells the story of how she learned to take care of herself after her first big heartbreak — and find joy in everyday life.

Migrants leave Huixtla, Chiapas state, Mexico, early Oct. 27, 2021, as they continue their trek north toward Mexico's northern states and the US border.

Thousands of migrants heading north to the US-Mexico border face a ‘collapsed’ asylum system, advocates say


About 3,000 migrants — men, women and children — left the southern Mexican city of Tapachula on Saturday hoping to reach Mexico City and ask for asylum. Others will continue to the US-Mexico border. But the asylum system in Mexico isn’t fully working as it should. 

A pregnant person wearing a red shirt holds her belly, wearing a face mask and gloves.

For pregnant women, getting the COVID-19 jab is a challenging choice


Information on vaccines for pregnant women differs, depending on the country. Making the choice to get the shot while pregnant can get complicated, explains Valerie Fernández, who faced the decision herself in Arizona.

Two subway cars are show fallen from an elevated train track with rescue workers all around.

Mexico metro overpass collapses, killing 23 and injuring dozens

Top of The World

Top of The World: A section of a subway overpass of the Mexico City metro collapsed late Monday night, sending two cars of a passenger train onto traffic. And, US President Joe Biden signed an emergency presidential determination formally raising the country’s cap on refugee admissions from 15,000 to 62,500 this year. Also, COVAX is getting a boost from US biotechnology company Moderna.

A nurse shows an elderly man a syringe prepared with a dose of the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine, before he is inoculated at the Americas Cultural Center in Ecatepec, Mexico, April 3, 2021.

Thousands of medical workers left behind in Mexico’s vaccination program 


As governments the world over prioritize medical workers for vaccines, thousands in Mexico’s private health care sector say they’re being passed over.