Global Hit – Camille

The World

Camille is a French singer, and she’s unlike anyone you’ve ever heard. Almost every sound on her records comes from the human body. That includes clicks and slaps and, by the way, an extraordinary voice. Camille performed a recent show in Barcelona, Spain. That gave The World’s Gerry Hadden the chance to talk with her and to produce today’s Global Hit.

Body percussion… or ‘body percs’ as Camille says…is just a fancy way of saying hitting yourself�with rhythm.

This is Canards Sauvages, or Wild Ducks, off Camille’s latest album, Music Hole. On it, Camille is backed up by seven percussionists and singers. They’re stomping, snapping, dropping base and drums with their voices�even splashing water. The only traditional instrument is a piano.

Using the human body as instrument isn’t new, of course. Think Bobby McFerr i n or the Cuban music group, Vocal Sampling. It’s Camille’s creativity and dead pan humor that make her stand out from other ‘human beat boxers.’

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