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Health workers attend a protest on October 7, 2014, outside Madrid's La Paz Hospital calling for Spain's health minister, Ana Mato, to resign after a Spanish nurse contracted Ebola.

At the hospital where a Spanish nurse got Ebola, workers say their training was poor


A Spanish nurse has become the first person known to be infected with Ebola outside of West Africa during the current outbreak. Spanish health officials are baffled why their anti-infection procedures failed, but workers at the hospital complained last year that their infection training wasn’t good enough.

New Zealand flag photo

New Zealanders will vote on whether to update their flag

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The NJ governor’s staff aren’t the only politicos messing with traffic

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German musician Heinz Ratz leading his refugee band on a recent night in Giessen Germany.  The tour is designed to draw attention to the plight of tens of thousands asylum seekers in Germany, many of whom wait decades in detention for their cases to be de

World music all-stars head out on tour, with a reprieve from German detention centers

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German Hipsters Not Winning Friends in Berlin

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Europe reacts to US debt deal

In Europe, some see the eleventh-hour package of spending cuts and tax hikes making up the US debt deal as too little, too late.

Italy charged with bribing Taliban

Italy outraged by allegations that it bribed the Taliban not to attack soldiers, which might have led to the deaths of French soldiers.

Learning from Germany’s job strategy

Subsidizing worker pay and parental leave, and collective payroll are some of ways Germany is helping its workers keep an income.

Overseas reaction to Obama missile defense plan

Poland and Czech Republic disappointed about new direction of US missile defense plan; Russia feels they’re finally being understood.

Energy challenges for post-nuclear Germany


Germany plans to phase out nuclear energy and replace it with renewable sources, such as wind and solar power.