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Our Global Hit today features the Bombay Dub Orchestra.

On one level, the orchestra is just two people, British producers Garry Hughes and Andrew Mackay.

But the group’s latest CD, 3 Cities, was recorded with a cast of over 70 musicians from around the globe.

The main recording sessions for the album took place in 2 Indian cities, Mumbai and Chennai.

Then all tapes were brought to city number 3, London. That’s where the album was mixed.

But the Bombay Dub Orchestra is not about parachuting into India, getting the sound, and flying out. Hughes and Mackay have been travelling to India for over a decade now. And they’ve developed a relationship with many of the artists and technicians that worked on the album.

Mumbai-based Hamsika Iyer lends her voice to the track “Fallen.”

“3 Cities” by Bombay Dub Orchestra is the band’s second release. It comes out in the US next month.

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