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Land grab in Africa by global hedge funds, American universities

Global hedge funds are buying up huge tracts of land in Africa, hoping to make money off the commodity and food trade, and prominent US universities are taking part.

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One Teacher and 70,000 Students

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Your Take: Revising ‘Huck Finn’

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Vatican letter told Bishops not to report child abuse

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Ingrid Betancourt: on her six years as a captive in the Colombian jungle

Canadian Physics Student’s Rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody Goes Viral

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Timonthy Blais is a graduate student in physics at at McGill University in Montreal. He’s also the latest You Tube sensation. His rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” with new lyrics about string theory is approaching 1 million views.

‘Afternoon delight’ celebrates monogamy while exploring attraction found in strip club

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A stripper moving into the home of a married couple hardly seems to be the plot of a movie that the film’s director, Jill Soloway, describes as such an endorsement of monogamous marriage she was embarrassed. But that’s the case with the new film, afternoon delight.

L.A. Mayor hopes to direct film business back to Hollywood

Hollywood, the old heavyweight champ of the film business, is down. But a new coach, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, has big plans to get the champ back into fighting shape for a triumphant return.

It’s Time to Stop Blaming the Maps

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The crisis in Syria has many a pundit looking back to history, and wondering if all of this could’ve been avoided if only the colonial powers had divided up the region better, if they’d made better maps. Look, it’s time to stop blaming the cartographer.

How Fluid Mechanics Helped Trippers for the Last 50 Years

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The iconic hippy home accessory, the lava lamp turns 50 this week. It was the invention of Edward Craven-Walker. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Cressida Granger, Managing Director of Mathmos, the lighting company behind that psychedelic lamp.