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Well, here’s an American who did in fact decide to move to Canada.

That’s Louisiana native Zachary Richard.

From 1976 to 1981, he lived in Montreal where he recorded seven albums in French.

The singer has roots in zydeco and Cajun music.

But his time in Quebec — in the 70s, and later again in the 90s — inspired a whole new exploration of his Acadian heritage.

And it turned him into one of the leading singer-songwriters in the French speaking world.

Well, after a hiatus of nearly 15 years, Zachary Richard has returned with an album called “Last Kiss.”

It features another artist, someone you know well: Celine Dion.

Richard met her last year in Quebec City, at the 400th anniversary celebrations for the city, where they sang two of his songs.

Backstage after the show, Richard asked Dion if she would record a song with him for his upcoming CD.

So here it is: a composition by Robbie Robertson from the Band, a song called “Acadian Driftwood.”

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