Two players from Boston bruins and Montreal Canadiens hockey teams talk to each other on the ice

Montreal Canadiens superfans brace for historic record to be smashed

The Boston Bruins are on the verge of making history — eclipsing the Montreal Canadiens’ coveted record of most points scored in a regular season, set back in 1977.

The Canadian flag is illuminated in the Embassy of Canada in Washington in Washington, Thursday, June 20, 2019. 

‘Canada Day is a reckoning’: Many cancel celebrations as nation mourns Indigenous unmarked graves

Human rights
Tunisian protesters demonstrate beneath a poster of Mohamed Bouazizi near the prime minister's office in Tunis, Tunisia, Jan. 28, 2011.

Fruit seller Mohamed Bouazizi’s protest inspired the Arab uprisings. A decade later, his sister still mourns.

Global Politics
With Canadian and Haitian flags hoisted, marchers take part in demonstration in support of asylum-seekers working in Quebec's long-term care homes in Montreal, Canada, in June.

Canada is granting residency to some asylum-seekers working in pandemic health care

Lauren Holden and Gary Cripps made some quick changes to their wedding in light of the coronavirus. 

Many people aren’t putting love on hold during COVID-19

A Running sink.

Lead levels in Montreal water comparable to Flint


A year long investigation has found that in places like Montreal, hundreds of thousands of residents may be exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water. Old pipes and a lack of testing regulations are in part to blame, said lead investigator Patti Sonntag of Concordia University.

A man holds a sign that says "Let my peoplegault into the public service"

In Québec, teachers return to school under new religious symbols ban

Québec’s new religious symbols ban is now in effect as teachers return to school under the new regulations. For many, they’re unsure how to navigate the law that says they may keep wearing headscarves and other religious headwear — but only if they don’t change jobs.


‘Straight-up debunking’: How a fact-checker vets fake news

Social media

Facebook and others are stepping up to stop the spread of disinformation online in advance of Canada’s federal parliamentary elections.

day care

What we can learn from Canada’s universal child care model

Having kids — it’s not cheap. Especially when you consider the cost of child care. Many women in the US say the cost makes it difficult to get ahead. But what if there were a model for universal day care? It turns out, there is such a thing — in Québec. The program is 20 years old and is an inspiration for many.

day care

This Canadian day care center re-creates ‘the spirit of a large family’ for kids and their single moms


At a publicly subsidized day care for the children of single mothers in Montréal, the objective is to take care not only of the children but also of the women.