Pilani Bubu found her music community after she moved from South Africa to New Orleans. She understood that the people she met wanted to learn more about her culture back home. That’s when she started to incorporate South African music into her repertoire

South Africa’s Pilani Bubu has ‘jumped off the shoulder of giants’ to create music filled with tradition


The singer-songwriter has always straddled between the worlds of globalization and the traditions of her homeland.

French-speaking Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, has abandoned dwellings are everywhere due to storms, erosion, and rising sea-levels.

Storms and rising sea levels threaten to wipe out French language in Louisiana’s bayou country

The Shell Norco oil refinery along the Mississippi River in Norco, LA.

Hurricane Ida adds misery to ‘Cancer Alley’: Part II

Founder of RISE St. James and 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Sharon Lavigne

Hurricane Ida adds misery to ‘Cancer Alley’: Part I

The double yellow center lines are shown through the middle of the photograph with a downed power lined stretches across the road blocking passage.

Laura blasts Gulf Coast with wind, rain and wall of seawater

Natural disasters
Four Black American women activists wearing yellow shirts and holding protest signs stand in a field near a fence.

From Louisiana to Taiwan, environmental activists stand up to a major plastics company

Conflict & Justice

Formosa Plastics, a Taiwanese plastics company, intends to build a complex in St. James Parish, Louisiana, a region already known as “Cancer Alley.” Environmental activist Anne Rolfes faces criminal charges for a protest action she took to call attention to the company’s history of harm.

Employees dehead Louisiana white shrimp at C.F. Gollott & Son Seafood in D'Iberville, Mississippi, June 3, 2010.

US seafood workers fight unsafe job conditions amid pandemic


A coronavirus outbreak among workers at a Louisiana crawfish processing plant kicked off a legal battle with their employers over dangerous working conditions during the pandemic. Many of them are migrants on seasonal visas.

Harjot Singh Khalsa (left) and Rajkaranbir Singh are hosts of Punjabi Radio USA, which provides valuable information to immigrant workers.

Immigrant ‘digital first responders’ provide vital services. They’re in a financial crisis. 

The news media has become a vital resource during the coronavirus pandemic — especially outlets serving immigrant communities. But those organizations are suffering from the same financial crisis bigger media outlets are experiencing. 

Government officials, wearing protective masks, stand next to a plane

US deportation flights risk spreading coronavirus globally


US officials say that immigration enforcement must continue, pandemic or not. But deporting people who may have been exposed to coronavirus in detention facilities risks spreading the disease to countries unequipped to deal with COVID-19. 

Aged male rhesus macaques monkeys at Tulane University are pictured. 

Can Tulane University’s monkeys help the global fight against the coronavirus?


Monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center have been infected with the coronavirus. Eventually, the animals will be tested with potential vaccines.