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For today’s Geo Quiz, we’re in the Atlantic, 52 degrees south of the equator.

British journalist Simon Winchester is hard at work on a new biography of the Atlantic Ocean. He’s been sending us dispatches from his travels.

So where is he now? That’s the question.

Winchester set sail a day and half ago, from Ushuaia, Argentina, a city which claims to be the southernmost in the world.

He travelled east, north-east on choppy seas, with a steady wind out of Cape Horn at his back.

That puts him exactly…well…where does it put him exactly?

The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands. (alternately called Islas Malvinas by Argentina).

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with British author Simon Winchester who’s re-visiting the British territory 27 years after Britain and Argentina fought a war over these islands in the South Atlantic. He reflects on the what life is like on this remote Atlantic outpost then (1982) and now. Listen below:

photo: Setsuko Winchester

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