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The question for today’s Geo Quiz is not “where?” — but rather “what?”

As in — What do the following 3 places have in common?

We’ll start down under with “The Great Sandy”. This coastal region of Australia includes one of the world’s largest sand islands.

Next we have Mount Myohyang in North Korea. It’s considered a sacred mountain. All sorts of medicinal plants grow on it — but it’s also known for its spectacular rock formations and cliffs.

And finally, there’s Lagunas de Montebello, near the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

Lagunas de Montebello: de Montebello:

More than 50 crystal-clear lagoons are scattered here among the tropical forests and organic coffee plantations.

So, there you have it…three places, extraordinary in their own right…but somehow connected.

If you’re perplexed — don’t worry — we’ll tell you how these three geographic gems are connected here…

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