East Asia

Darjeeling is nestled amid lush tea gardens and overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas in India’s northeast. But landscapes like these pose challenges while conducting elections.

What it takes to pull off the world’s largest election in India


Election officials spread out across India to set up voting booths in some of its most remote corners of the country. It’s to ensure, by law, that no voter is farther than 1.25 miles from a polling station. Poll workers haul precious cargo — braving extreme weather and difficult terrain — to make sure everyone votes.

Women voters expected to play significant role in India’s general election

People walk past a board full of pictures celebrating AAPI heritage month

Students push for adding Asian American history to school curriculums across the US

Kazakhs protest what they see as excessive expansion of Chinese influence in Kazakhstan, including new Silk Road investments, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Dec. 2019.

China’s new Silk Road traverses Kazakhstan. But some Kazakhs are skeptical of Chinese influence.

On China's New Silk Road
Military tanks pass by a building featuring traditional Chinese architecture.

Misusing culture in international politics: Part I

Critical State
black and white photo of three women and a man standing on stage

60 years before BTS, the Kim Sisters were America’s original K-pop stars

Sixty years before today’s “K-pop invasion,” the Kim Sisters, a Korean girl group, landed on US shores and rocketed to stardom — singing American hits before they even learned English.

A woman works out with apartment buildings behind her

How single women are driving gentrification in Hong Kong and elsewhere

Not only are single women emerging as a growing and critical aspect of the economy in cities around the world, they are also driving increasingly unaffordable real estate markets. But women at the other end of the income spectrum, particularly single mothers, bear the brunt of gentrification.

Takuya Yokota in Tokyo in November 2017. He continues to speak out about North Korea's abduction of his sister in 1977.

Japan could ease tensions with North Korea — if North Korea comes clean on its abduction of Japanese citizens

Conflict & Justice

Last year at the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump brought up the issue of the Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea. This year, he praised North Korea’s leader for his courage.

Trump meets with Jinping in China

The next cold war? US-China trade war risks something worse


The US and China once again exchanged fire in their escalating trade war. Tariffs have been the main source of ammunition thus far, but China has other weapons it could begin to deploy.

North Korean nuclear scientists cheer leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea fires another missile, the ‘DPRK’s answer to the Trump administration’


North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Sunday, the latest in a series of launches which have sparked international condemnation and threats of tougher UN sanctions.