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Our Geo Quiz today takes us to France. We’re looking for a region in central France known for its good food.

This region might make you think of a particular wine.
And it also lends its name to a certain beef stew.


Starting to get the idea?

Here’s another clue:

The capital of our mystery region might make you think of mustard…

Getting hungry? We have one more gastronomic clue: This region is one of the last areas in France where you can still find snail farms.

That’s right, snail farms. They help meet demand for a quintessentially French dish — escargot.

Got the answer?

For our Geo Quiz, we wanted you to name an area of France where snail farms can still be found. Escargot or snails have been a part of the French diet for hundreds of years.

These days, the French eat seven hundred thousand of them a year. That’s two-thirds of the all the snails consumed in the world. Some of those snails come from Burgundy — that’s the answer to our Geo Quiz, by the way.

But most of the snails on French plates come from eastern Europe. Lately, the supply’s been drying up. And that’s caused an escargot shortage. Anita Elash reports from Paris.

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