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Is it time for Senegal to end its romance with the French baguette?


The war in Ukraine has interrupted the delivery of wheat to Senegal, and that’s shaking up a big part of that country’s culture.

Baker David Buelens puts the baguettes into a basket at a bakery, in Versailles, west of Paris, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. 

A bakers’ rebellion looms in France to defend baguettes

In a hot pan, the streaky bacon made by La Vie starts curling within minutes, bubbling and crisping…just like, well, bacon.

A vegan bacon revolution takes hold in France

Students prepare food during a class by French chef Eric Cros (left) at the Institut Paul Bocuse.

French chefs say they shouldn’t have to take the heat to stay in the kitchen


Five tips for finding the perfect French baguette

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Savvy Mexican Netizens Diners Challenge Elite on Social Media

When a powerful Mexican official’s daughter tried to close down a trendy Mexico City restaurant because it wouldn’t give her the table she wanted, patrons whipped out their cell phones and foiled her effort to use nepotism to get what she wanted. Mexican-American filmmaker Max St. Romain shares the story with anchor Marco Werman.

The Enduring Popularity of Havana’s Coppelia Ice Cream Park

Arts, Culture & Media

The legendary Coppelia park in Havana, Cuba is an outdoor ice cream parlor where very affordable, government subsidized scoops are dished out.

The Big Ban that Didn’t Work Out

On Wednesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban on any drink larger than 16 ounces, which is a small or medium at most movie theaters. A year and a half ago, Bloomberg lead the New York City council in banning smoking in city parks. Cities across America have banned all sorts of things: […]

My America: Abraham Verghese

Conflict & Justice

Today’s “My America” guest is Dr. Abraham Verghese, professor at Stanford University. Regarding the dislocation and alienation experienced by immigrants, he lamented not having had a more common American experience, but had great appreciation for it.

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Animal Update

Living On Earth’s Maggie Villiger reports on how holiday tastes for caviar are pushing sturgeon from the Caspian Sea towards extinction.