Capitalists Anonymous: Weary French seek help in buying and polluting less

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There are many addiction support groups out there — from alcohol and drugs to pornography. In France, there’s one called Capitalists Anonymous, for people who can’t stop buying stuff or worry that their daily actions, like commuting in gas-guzzling cars, are hurting the planet. 

A view of Paris, France, with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the distance.

20 years after France’s hijab ban, the issue remains divisive

Women & Gender

This Paris suburb gets a facelift amid controversy ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games

Summer Olympics 2024
"Les Princes de la Ville" by 113, a French rap group.

Planet Hip Hop: How French rappers continue to raise their voices for justice and identity

Planet Hip Hop
Cité Internationale Universitaire campus in Paris, France.

How the Bologna Process expanded opportunities for students across Europe

paintings on the wall

Russian artists in exile create new identity and work 

At the start of the war in Ukraine, much of Russia’s cultural elite fled the country, including playwrights, filmmakers, artist and curators. A year on, they have established themselves in new cities across the world, a century after a previous exodus of Russian writers and artists reshaped global culture.

A masked couple ride an electric scooter by the Invalides memorial, in Paris, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020.

Paris considers ban on e-scooters over safety concerns


The electric scooter revolution in the “City of Lights” may be about to go bust just as it takes off.

A Virgin Mary statue in a public square in France

The state of religion in France

Sacred Nation

For years, people have been questioning the concept of laicité — France’s strict form of secularism — and how it plays into religious freedom. In this special hour of The World airing on Saturday, Paris-based reporter Rebecca Rosman takes a trip across France where she speaks to Catholics, Jews, Muslims and atheists about their right to believe, or not to believe.

French President Emmanuel Macron celebrates with supporters in front of the Eiffel Tower Paris, France

To Europe’s relief, France’s Macron wins, but far-right gains


French President Emmanuel Macron secures a second term in office. Acknowledging that “numerous” voters cast ballots for him simply to keep out the fiercely nationalist far-right Marine Le Pen, he pledged to reunite the country.

Plastic pollution has become a major concern in Ghana.

Ghana’s fishermen are drowning in plastic. The govt is trying to tackle pollution before it’s too late.


Ghana is one of a handful of countries to launch a national plastic pollution plan backed by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Development Program.