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Our Geo Quiz today takes us to Scotland. We’re looking for an island. It’s the largest of the Inner Hebrides, off Scotland’s west coast.

Cullins Mountains: Mountains:

This island is famous for its scenery, including the Cuillin hills. And its biggest town is Portree.


Here’s one more clue:

Scotland’s first all-Gaelic television channel is being launched tonight with a live broadcast from this island.

Fairy Glen, Uig: Glen, Uig:

Scottish Gaelic, spelled G-A-E-L-I-C — is not to be confused with Irish Gaelic — although the two are linguistic cousins.

There are only sixty thousand speakers of Gaelic in Scotland.

But many more of Scotland’s five million residents have ancestors who spoke the language.

“There are many, many people who are interested in our culture, who will also be interested in the sport that they’ll be broadcasting, who will also be interested in the documentaries, who are interested in the language and their own background in general, so it’s also opening a door to folk as well as providing a service for the fluent speakers. It’s for everyone.”

That’s Mary Ann Kennedy. She’s hosting the first show on BBC Alba — the new all-Gaelic channel.

Again, the channel kicks off tonight from the Scottish island we want you to name

homepage photo:

Now back with the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Sligachan, Isle of Skye:, Isle of Skye:

We were telling you about the launch of a new all-Gaelic TV channel in Scotland tonight. It’s called BBC Alba. Mary Ann Kennedy is hosting the first show to go out on the new channel tonight.

It’s a live show being broadcast from the Isle of Skye – and that’s the answer to our Geo Quiz. Listen to the interview:

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