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Today’s Geo Quiz takes us bird-watching or, to be more precise, bird-listening:

That’s a rufous-and-white wren.

A Canadian scientist is studying these musical birds in Costa Rica’s Santa Rosa National Park.

?It’s a beautiful and lush forest that stretches from mangrove swamps where sea turtles nest down in the lowlands and then climbs right up to some active volcanoes.?

The park is in Costa Rica’s westernmost province. And that province is what we’d like you to name.
Rufous and White WrenRufous and White Wren

It borders Nicaragua. And it’s home to stunning beaches. Which makes it a popular tourist stop. So what’s the name of this province in north-western Costa Rica?

Rufous and White WrenRufous and White Wren

Well, if you don’t know it, maybe a little bird will tell you…..

We were looking for the westernmost province of Costa Rica, home to a particularly melodious bird.

Santa Rosa National ParkSanta Rosa National Park

The answer is the province of Guanacaste.

A Canadian scientist is studying the avian musicians in the province’s Santa Rosa National Park. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro has the story:

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