Costa Rica

A view of the process on a montior as lab staff use a microscope stand and articulated hand controls to extract cells from 1-7 day old embryos that are then checked for viability at the Aspire Houston Fertility Institute in vitro fertilization lab in Hous

Why an international court struck down Costa Rica’s IVF ban

Reproductive rights

The World’s host Carolyn Beeler speaks with Lynn Morgan, a medical anthropologist focused on Latin America, about Costa Rica’s legal battles and religious debates about allowing access to IVF.

Rising poverty, unemployment, and inflation have plagued Costa Rica. Every few blocks, a person is passed out or sleeping on the street.

‘This is not a peaceful country’: Violence and poverty soar in Costa Rica

A tree in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve.

Climate change is rapidly shifting Costa Rica’s sensitive ecosystems

Climate Change
Costa Rica's president

Son of Conti: Ransomware tries its hand at politics

A view of a beach with some surfers

Costa Rica is betting on ‘staycations’ to keep tourism afloat

A group of migrants cross a shallow river and met with border agents in green uniforms.

Some Salvadoran migrants look to other nations for refuge as US tightens border


For some Salvadorans, the promise of the “American Dream” has been tainted by coordinated deterrence efforts from Mexico and the United States. They’re looking to places like Costa Rica for refuge — for now.

An unidentified Filipino man who sold his kidney for a transplant shows his scar while cooking at his home in a slum of Manila.

How Costa Rica became the epicenter of the black market in kidneys


A year-long investigation by the New York Times shows the huge unmet need for kidney transplants across the world, and how Costa Rica has become a key place for people willing to buy themselves off of massive waiting lists.

U.S. students compete to improve environment — and win trip to Costa Rica


Students across the United States and Canada were challenged to come up with ways to improve their local environment. If the ideas were good enough, they could win a tip to Costa Rica for a youth leaders summit on the environment.

Costa Rica moves toward national ban on hunting


Costa Rica’s environmentalists for years have been trying to get hunting banned, with little success. So this year, they turned to a popular initiative and forced a bill in front of the legislature. It passed and is poised to make it the first country in the Americas to ban virtually all hunting.

Designing a Green World

A new exhibition in New York explores the relationship between product design and sustainability.