Elections in Ghana

The World

The cost of nets and fuel has gone up for fisherman, but this man doesn’t blame the government. He says the governing New Patriotic Party will fix the problem and while fellow fishermen disagree with him, no one gets disagreeable. Ghanaians are trying to show their best face and they’re aware the continent and even the world is watching. It’s almost as though this election is a referendum on Africa. This analyst says the question is whether Ghana will continue to show the way forward for Africa and buck the trend of violence and instability. In this town, the main opposition party is holding its final rally. The contest between its candidate and the MP leader is too close to call. Back in Accra, a huge crowd has gathered for the NPP rally. The leader strikes a more solemn voice of his responsibility to the people. Ghana has managed to hold four credible elections in a row, which came after decades of instability, corruption and military coups. That’s why people say this election is so important. But Ghana is also an important economic power because of its resources but also the oil recently discovered offshore. Even with Ghana’s relative stability, millions in Accra live without running water. She complains no politician has offered a solution for her daily struggles. Both parties have used Obama’s image and rhetoric to talk about change. But still more than 70% are expected at the polls. Ghanaians believe in democracy and they’re vowing to show the rest of Africa how to do it right.

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