Vendors sell images of President Nayib Bukele during El Salvador's election campaign.

Nayib Bukele’s popularity steers him toward an unprecedented second term as president of El Salvador


In El Salvador, the official results of Sunday’s presidential elections are still not in, but that didn’t stop President Nayib Bukele from declaring victory on social media — and he looks slated to win. He was up for reelection, in a country that doesn’t allow reelection in its constitution. Bukele is extraordinarily popular. But many say the future is concerning.


A close race in Taiwan could decide whether it prioritizes sovereignty or closer ties with China

Leonardo de Carvalho Leal and Mayara Stelle administer the Twitter account Sleeping Giants Brazil, a platform for activism whose stated mission is to attack the financing of hate speech and dissemination of fake news, Dec. 11, 2020.

Will Brazil’s ‘Fake News Bill’ regulate disinformation or stifle free speech?

Free speech
Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro waves to supporters at the Liberal Party's headquarters in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, March 30, 2023. 

The future of Bolsonaro in Brazil remains uncertain

People walk through an informal settlement for trash segregators in Bangalore, India.

Waste collectors in Bangalore face discrimination and exploitation

Ramrati reads Ramcharitmanas every morning on the lane that connects Barakhamba to KG Marg, in New Delhi, India, March 29, 2014.

This 16th-century epic poem sparks political controversy in India

Lifestyle & Belief

In recent months, a 16th-century epic religious poem has ignited a political storm in India, after several officials said it was offensive to women and those at the bottom of India’s religious caste hierarchy. As the country heads toward general elections next year, some say that different parties are using the poem to appeal to various voters.

press conference

Nigerians await election results in competitive race


Over the weekend, millions of Nigerians cast their vote for a new president in Africa’s biggest democratic election. While many voters applaud improvement in the election process, others experienced violence at the polls. Now, comes the wait for the results.

Supporters of Nigeria's Labour Party's Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, chants during an election campaign rally at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos Nigeria, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023. 

‘This is my only hope’: Young Nigerians gear up for presidential election


As millions of Nigerians prepare for the presidential election on Feb. 25, the stinging economy and unemployment in the formal sector have the nation’s youth particularly tuned in and ready to cast their vote.

minister at the pulpit

Brazil’s evangelicals stand with President Bolsonaro

Sacred Nation

Protestant evangelicals are a fast-growing segment of the country. Politically, President Jair Bolsonaro is their candidate.

Former senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and his team wave Philippine flags on stage during his proclamation rally promoting his presidential bid for the 2022 national elections, at Philippine Arena, Bulacan province, north of Manila, Philippines.

The dramatic jingles of election season in the Philippines


With the upcoming election in May, it can sometimes feel like a “circus” of huge, enthusiastic crowds, awe-inspiring performances and, of course, catchy, upbeat jingles.