Speaker of Ghana Parliament Alban Sumana Bagbin speaks at the Parliament House in Accra, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024.

‘What crime have we committed?’ Ghana’s LGBTQ community braces as anti-LGBTQ bill may turn into law


Lawmakers in Ghana recently passed a bill that could lead to a severe crackdown on LGBTQ activities that have many people worried. Ghana’s president is under pressure domestically to sign the bill into law, but could face economic consequences if he does. 

Air quality levels have been bad in Accra since December as harmattan season kicks in across Ghana. The data coming in shows the situation is not improving.

Hazy skies over Accra: Harsh harmattan season in Ghana leads to health hazards, poor air quality

Climate Change
cars on streets

90% of the cars on Ghana’s roads are imported used cars. Many are polluting or unsafe.


Trash sorters in Ghana face health and safety risks

Ghanian activist at a rally near a Ghanaian flag.

Uganda’s LGBTQ crackdown could have a ripple effect in Ghana and other African countries

woman by flag

Young Africans seek to leverage Vice President Harris’ trip to Africa 

US Vice President Kamala Harris began her weeklong visit to the African continent this week in Ghana. She plans to focus on youth entrepreneurship, and to make a claim for supporting some African countries, as China and Russia have made diplomatic and financial inroads. 

Motherly Love Orphanage

This orphanage in Ghana provides hope — and acceptance — to children living with HIV

Development & Education

Motherly Love Orphanage was founded by Rev. John Azumah 14 years ago. The pastor, who also has HIV, founded the home to provide hope and fight against the stigma faced by HIV-positive orphans. 

The exterior of the newly opened Dikan Center for photography in Accra, Ghana.

The new Dikan Center in Ghana displays a collection of photography from across Africa

Arts, Culture & Media

Paul Ninson joins The World’s host Marco Werman to discuss the opening of the new photography library that he created, called the Dikan Center in Accra, Ghana, to showcase work by Africans and African Americans.

From left to right: Yeleyeni Songsore and her Ghanaian husband; Mawiyah Kambon and Kamal Kambon; Kwaku Asantu Maroon Asare.

‘This is where I should be’: 1,500 Black Americans make Ghana their new home


At least 1,500 Black Americans have moved to Ghana since 2019, when the government declared its “Year of Return” initiative, calling on Africans in the diaspora to return to Africa. As the US continues to confront its history of racism and police brutality against Black people, many are heeding Ghana’s call.  

Protesters wield placards asking, "Mr. President, where is our money" at a recent protest against soaring food and fuel prices.

‘The country is on its knees’: Ghana seeks IMF bailout amid economic woes, teachers’ strike 

In a huge reversal for Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo, the government is seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund to tackle Ghana’s economic woes.