Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch is a reporter with the CBC - she has been featured on a multitude of PRI produced and distributed programs, including "PRI's The World" and "As It Happens".

Tessa Hill and Lia Valente

Despite protests, Ontario is going forward with a newer, more modern sex ed curriculum. These girls helped make it happen.


There’s a battle afoot over sex education in the Canadian province of Ontario. The government says it’s overhauling its sex ed curriculum — which it hasn’t done since 1998 — to prepare kids for issues like tolerance, consent, and so many things they might encounter on the Internet. Some parents say they’ll pull their children out of class rather than expose them to what they call harmful material. But two teen activists are not only welcoming the changes: they helped make them.

Toronto Slammed with Record-Setting Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding

Mali’s Last Master Calligrapher

Arts, Culture & Media

Mali’s Future Not Bright Despite French Military Action

Lifestyle & Belief

French Troops Gird for More Battle in Northern Mali

Conflict & Justice

On the Road to Gao, Mali, Dangers Still Loom

Lifestyle & Belief

Correspondent Laura Lynch in Mali describes the time she’s just spent with a French army convoy on the road to Gao, Mali. Islamists extremists have been pushed out of Gao, but there are still dangers on the road.

French Convoy Delivers Supplies to Northern Mali

Conflict & Justice

A French-led convoy carrying food and military supplies arrived in the northern Malian town of Gao. Reporter Laura Lynch was with them. She’s covering the story for The World and the CBC.

Rights Group Claims French-Led Offensive in Mali has Caused Civilian Deaths and Ethnic Reprisals

Conflict & Justice

Human rights groups say what appears to be a successful campaign in northern Mali has come at great cost to the country. Laura Lynch reports from Bamako.

Refugees from Mali’s North, Delighted by Military Success, Unsure About Future

Conflict & Justice

As the militants melt away from cities and towns in northern Mali, there have been scenes of jubilation. People who have experienced life under the rule of Islamist fighters say it has been a harsh, violent existence.

Guatemalan Peasants Sue Canadian Mining Company Hudbay

Conflict & Justice

A group of Guatemalan villagers are suing the Canadian mining company Hudbay Minerals claiming it is responsible for violence that left one man dead, another paralyzed and a group of women victims of gang rapes, something the company denies.