China’s view of U.S. election

The World

The Chinese passersby I spoke were unanimous about who they’d like to be the next U.S. president: Obama. One poll found one-third of Chinese polled are paying close attention to the U.S. election. Among them, Obama was 18 points ahead of McCain. This young professional likes Obama because of the precedent he’d set as the first African-American president, and he also thinks Obama would be better for China, even though either candidate would improve over the current relations. This analyst agrees that relations would change from Bush with either candidate. But this older company driver does see a big difference between the candidates, and he says the Democratic party is more moderate when it comes to international relations, and he says Bush has made a mess of international economic policies. Most Beijingers are looking forward to a new kind of U.S. president and that’s why they prefer Obama. Other young Chinese like how hip and plugged in Obama is.

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