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Obama holds national infrastructure meeting

Global Politics

Takeaway correspondent Andrea Bernstein joins us to discuss the significance of the latest developments on the nation and the President’s agenda.

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The Delicate Diplomatic Dances at the UN

Conflict & Justice
President Barack Obama at his desk in the Oval Office at the White House.

The Meaning Behind the Letters Obama and Rouhani Exchanged

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How Will the U.S. Navigate the Syria Puzzle?

Obama calls on America to act to ‘stop children from being gassed’

Global Politics

President Obama continues to press case for military intervention in Syria

Global Politics

As Congress debates whether to authorize military action in Syria, President Barack Obama and his administration are continuing to make their case at home and abroad. On Wednesday, Obama sought to couch the issue in heavily moral terms.

Iraq War Veteran on Syria: ‘We Stumbled Into a Solution’

Conflict & Justice

Anchor Marco Werman checks in with Iraq War veteran Marc Fisher for his thoughts about Obama’s speech on Syria last night. Fisher thinks the US found a solution to the problem, no matter if it was on purpose or by luck.

Syria Crisis: Obama Speaks to Nation on Chemical Weapons

BBC- US President Barack Obama held a televised address to explain US policy on Syria’s chemical weapons Tuesday evening. Obama said the Syrian government was clearly responsible for the use of chemical weapons. Additionally the president said that the US would work with Russia on its proposal to persuade Syria to destroy its chemical weapons.

President Obama Marks 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

Arts, Culture & Media

President Barack Obama has linked the ongoing struggle for economic equality with the goals of the 1963 March on Washington, in a speech marking its 50th anniversary. The President described it as “our great unfinished business.”

Obama’s New Plan for Higher Education

On Thursday, President Obama put forth a bold new plan for higher education with the goal of increasing college affordability by linking federal aid to education outcomes. The proposals call for a new college rating system to be put in place before 2015, which would rank schools according to tuition, graduation rates, debt and earnings […]