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Joe Biden aparece en una pantalla mientras unas personas miran.

Cómo los puertorriqueños del centro de Florida pueden decidir las elecciones estadounidenses

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Florida es un estado crucial en la elección del candidato que vencerá la carrera por la Casa Blanca el 3 de noviembre. La victoria del presidente Donald Trump o del candidato demócrata Joe Biden a partir de los 29 votos electorales del estado podría depender de unos cientos de miles de puertorriqueños del centro de Florida.

Una joven posa para una fotografia en frente de unas plantas.

Los jóvenes latinos de EE. UU. están a la vanguardia de una revolución climática

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A person wearing a gray shirt holds two paper ballots and places them in a box.

Relying on electronic voting machines puts us at risk, security expert says

Customers are shown lining up at the side of Refuge Coffee Company's truck.

What the world can learn from Georgia: Democracy is a process

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Vitali Shkliarov

Meet the man who volunteered for Obama, worked for Bernie and is now consulting Putin’s opponent

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Diebold Elections System AccuVote-TSx DRE

How secure are America’s voting machines?

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In June, a leaked National Security Agency report described Russian intelligence efforts to interfere with the US elections, targeting voter registration and local election officials. Now, people want to know: How secure are America’s elections from a cyber attack?

U.S. First lady Michelle Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Nigeria, ‘it’s unanimous’ — Michelle Obama for POTUS

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Today in Lagos, this Nigerian’s Twitter feed is full of tweets about America’s first lady.

A voter enters the polling place on Election Day at Stuart-Hobson Middle School in Washington, DC, on November 4, 2014.

In 2014, Americans still vote like it’s 1776

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This month’s midterm elections saw the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. That may be because in an era of smartphones and on-demand everything, American voting procedures are still the ones that best fit the agricultural rhythm of the country’s early years.

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Larry O’Donnell

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A political analyst for MSNBC, O’Donnell has worked for Daniel Patrick Moynihan and wrote for the TV series ?The West Wing.? O’Donnell tells Kurt about how this fall’s debates echoed the fictional ones he wrote years ago.

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Can Outsider Rick Scott Really Fix Florida?

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The stage is set for the swearing-in ceremony of Florida governor, Rick Scott. The republican rode a wave of anti-incumbent fever to become the new governor of Florida. Voters wanted an outsider and that’s exactly what they got. However, along with his outsider status, Scott has the baggage of being the former head of Columbia/HCA, […]