United States

Migrants say crossing Mexico has become increasingly challenging


Mexican authorities have increased efforts to impede the transit of migrants arriving at the southern US border in response to requests by the Biden administration.

Venezuelan migrants walk across the Rio Bravo towards the United States border to surrender to the border patrol, from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Oct. 13, 2022.

Nicaragua is helping tens of thousands of migrants reach the US

The CAFEMIN shelter in Mexico City is designed for 80 people, but it's currently hosting 500, with most of them sleeping on gym mats in the shelter's basketball court.

Shelters for migrants in Mexico City overwhelmed as US changes its asylum rules

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis arrives at the Foreign Office to visit Britain's Foreign Secretary in London, Friday, April 28, 2023.

Will Gov. DeSantis win his battle to dismantle DEI programs at state universities?

lobster fishing boat at sea

Maine’s lobster industry is still feeling the effects of the trade war with China

people at a church

Brazil’s evangelicals work with the US on a political mission

Sacred Nation

Protestant evangelicals from Brazil and the United States have a long history of close relations. Today, Capitol Ministries is a powerful player in that relationship. And in Brazil, the group has strong ties with President Jair Bolsonaro’s government.

About one-third of the staff at the Stoneacre restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island, is from overseas.

Hospitality industries in the US struggle to find workers, but international labor is ticking up


The COVID-19 pandemic created a shortfall in foreign workers when their visas weren’t approved to return to the US. A decline in the number of Americans willing to take service sector jobs doubled the impact for small business owners.

The Supreme Court in Washington

Abortion ruling exposes deep chasm over the issue in the US


The US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, which will end constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place for nearly 50 years in the country. The move will now leave the question of abortion legality to individual states and is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half of US states.

Alina Yurkiv sits with Dmitry Korkin at his home in Westborough, Massachusetts, on March 16, 2022. Korkin, a computer science professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is using his connections so that whenever Yurkiv's husband, an economist in Ukraine

Echoing WWII rescue efforts, ethnic Russian researchers in the US support Ukrainian scholars

On Course

An effort to evacuate and find Ukrainian professors safe havens on US campuses parallels the rescue of European scholars during World War II.

Lucía, age 3, records herself on a tape recorder with the help of her mother, Ida.

From Argentina to US to Spain: A personal history told through childhood audio diaries


Long forgotten tape cassettes from the first 13 years of her life carry reporter Lucía Benavides back to childhood memories of her original home in Argentina.