Bosnia war victim identified

The World

This man came close to surviving the Bosnian war. in 1992, when Bosnian Serbs began persecuting non-Serbs, the man was fired from his job and shipped off to a Serb-controlled part of Croatia. Three years later, two men who identified themselves as police, picked him up in a green Mercedes and nothing was heard from him further. The son spoke to officials about the event in 2005 after meeting with the International Commission on Missing Persons, who visited St. Louis to gather DNA samples from the many Bosnian Serbs who settled here. The next year the man found out that the father was found. Investigating crime scenes is pain staking work under best of circumstances, but in the Serb parts of Bosnia the conditions are more difficult because the Serbs there don’t like to talk about the past. This journalist says denial in the former Yugoslavia is quite common. The man returned to bury his father and wants to determine justice and wants someone to be held accountable. But legal action could prove difficult.

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