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Maria Elena is the Social Media Editor for The World.

Maria Elena is the Social Media Editor for The World. She is a multimedia journalist with a dedication to channeling storytelling through social media. She likes reaching and engaging with new audiences and taking chances to experiment.Maria Elena worked in international development before switching careers to journalism over a decade ago.Prior to joining The World, Maria Elena covered Latin America as a TV producer for Al Jazeera English, working on breaking news, feature stories and documentaries in most countries in Latin America and all Brazilian states.She also worked as a senior planning producer for Al Jazeera America in New York. Besides English, she is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.In addition to her social media work, Maria Elena was the project manager for the 'Every 30 Seconds' multi-media project — a collaboration between The World and public radio stations across the US, following the stories of young Latino voters ahead of the 2020 presidential election.  

Panelist for the online event on the environmental impact of the war in Ukraine.

LIVE Event: The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine


Join The World’s Carolyn Beeler for a conversation with Ukrainian environmental scientist Kateryna Polyanska and Doug Weir from The Conflict and Environment Observatory.

Left to right: Streets are flooded in Kherson, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 7, 2023 after the walls of the Kakhovka dam collapsed; Screen shot form video; Vehicles on fire at an oil depot after missiles struck the facility in an area controlled by Russian-bac

VIDEO: The environmental impact of the war in Ukraine

A graphic with three photos. Left to right: Wheat harvest, Tibisay Zea and a man harvesting wheat in Senegal.

VIDEO EXPLAINER: How the war in Ukraine is affecting wheat exports and food culture in Senegal

Migrants and asylum seekers attend the Sunday Spanish-language service at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn, New York.

New York City urges migrants to find shelter elsewhere, but many don’t know where to turn

Clothes are on display at the Mar Design tailor shop in central St. Louis in northern Senegal.

Muslims in Senegal prepare for Eid al-Adha celebrations

Lifestyle & Belief
a group of students sitting barefoot on the ground as they go through burned documents

Young Senegalese feel the impact of the country’s political crisis


Senegal is often seen as a model of political stability in West Africa. But that could be changing. President Macky Sall has upset people with the suggestion that he may run for a third term next year, defying the Constitution, and young people are increasingly frustrated by a lack of opportunities. Recent protests turned deadly, and most victims were under the age of 30.

Yevdokia, 65, hugs her son Alexander in front of their house, which was heavily damaged by Russia attack, in the retaken area of Izium, Ukraine, on Sept. 14, 2022.

VIDEO: Ukraine’s year of war, displacement and no end in sight


The World’s correspondents Daniel Ofman, Durrie Bouscaren and Shirin Jaafari reflect on some of the key moments of the ongoing war in Ukraine that has affected millions of people.

Album covers of some of the allbums from artists included in the end-of-year music playlist with recommendations from The World staff. Clockwise, startiing from the top left corner: Adrian Quesada's "Boleros Psicodélicos," Sillvana Estrada's "Marchita," V

A musical journey around the globe 2022, a playlist


Music is part of The World’s DNA and, as it turns out, it is something many of the show’s staff appreciate. This playlist with their recommendations will take you on a journey around the globe.

Cover art for albums of multiple artists included on The World's 2021 music playlist. Clockwise, starting from the top left image: 'Suba' by Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita; 'El Alimento' by Cimafunk; 'Deja' by Bomba Estereo; 'Seeking New Gods' by Gruff Rhys;

Dance with The World, 2021 edition: A playlist


Forget political crises, breakthroughs in space exploration and crypto: Here is The World’s 2021 music recommendations to get you dancing into the new year.

Swedish musician José González is known for stretching musical boundaries over his 18-year career. 

José González’s ‘Local Valley’ mixes sounds from West Africa, from the Sahel to Ghanaian highlife


Over his 18-year music career, José González has tapped into sounds from three continents: Brazilian bossa nova, Swedish hardcore punk, and now, West African styles.