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Women in a small group holding signs with text written in Spanish

This tiny country is home to Europe’s toughest abortion ban

Sacred Nation

The micronation of Andorra, located in the mountains between Spain and France, takes a hard-line stance against abortion because its head-of-state is a Catholic bishop. But some Andorrans say it’s time for change.

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Spanish musician María José Llergo turns roots into wings with ‘Ultrabelleza’

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‘We don’t have this past anymore’: Ukrainian artist revives Kyiv’s prewar soundscape

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‘She is the evolution of reggaeton’: The rise of trans Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano

Planet Hip Hop

Argentines document European ancestry to migrate to the EU

Argentine trap artists Keke (right) and Sosa (left).

‘It’s the new soccer, where stars are born’: Trap music boom inspires Argentine youth

Planet Hip Hop

The latest installment of The World’s “Planet Hip Hop” series takes us to Argentina, where trap music has a huge following. From their bedrooms, aspiring artists remix their favorite trap songs and record music of their own.

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Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival grows even larger


Music festivals are ever-expanding enterprises, adding new locations and dates, even if they’re repeating the same line-up.


New Kings and Queens soccer leagues enlist internet stars to revamp sport


The game is loosely based on soccer, but immersed in video game culture and reality TV antics. In Barcelona, Spain, the second season of the Kings League kicks off the first weekend of May alongside the first season of the Queens League. This summer, the Prince Cup will launch for kids ages 9 to 11.

In Argentina, annual inflation tops 100%, a 30-year high, with the cost of meat and fruit skyrocketing.

Argentines wage ‘mental war’ against inflation as prices double in a year

As annual inflation tops 100%, a 30-year high, with the cost of meat and fruit skyrocketing, many Argentines are keeping their savings in dollars to resist devaluation of the peso.

The Sagrada Familia, with its incomplete Glory facade, faces an apartment complex that could get demolished if construction plans go through.

Barcelona residents in limbo over Sagrada Familía construction plans


The Sagrada Familía church, designed 140 years ago by architect Antoni Gaudí, is still under construction. Now, plans to finally construct its front entrance have sparked controversy due to its potential impact on nearby residential neighborhoods.