wildlife conservation

Wuhan outdoor market

COVID-19 brings new scrutiny to illegal wildlife trafficking

Health & Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic is once again calling attention once to the illegal trade of endangered species and its consequences for human health.

Barbary macaque endangered

A sobering report on biodiversity loss spurs big plans to save species

Red poppies in green grass under a blue sky.

Rewilding war zones can help heal the wounds of conflict

Horned viper

Online location data on endangered species might be putting them in harm’s way

Black-footed ferrets.

The black-footed ferret is making a comeback in the Great Plains

A dolphin performs tricks at a recent Six Flags show in Mexico City.

Mexico City is banning dolphin shows, taking a lead on animal rights


A new law will soon prohibit dolphin shows, and therapy sessions and science experiments with the marine species, in Mexico’s capital.


Conservationists’ noble goals often conflict with local cultures, according to a new book


A new book argues that the promise of saving what’s left of nature can sometimes be imperiled by the narrow cultural lens employed by people from the developed part of the world.

A herd of endangered Przewalski's horses trot across the Takhin Tal National Park, part of the Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area, in southwest Mongolia, on June 22.

Photos: Rare wild horses are making a stunning return to Mongolia


Decades after being driven to extinction in their homeland, Przewalski’s horses are being reintroduced into Mongolia’s desert and mountains.