‘We have to cut back on everything’: Palestinian farmers in West Bank say water is in short supply

Israel-Hamas war

As Israel’s war in Gaza continues, its impact on the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank can be felt acutely in terms of water access. The World’s host Marco Werman visited one Palestinian farming area just outside the city of Ramallah to learn more. 

people with boat

Parts of Iraq are drying up, impacting already vulnerable communities

Low water levels are seen at the Paso Severino dam, which supplies water to the city of Montevideo and adjacent metropolitan areas, Uruguay, May 15, 2023.

Uruguayans protest over government attempts to supplement public drinking water from salty reservoirs amid historic drought

fish underwater

You can ring this ‘fish doorbell’ to help marine life in the Netherlands


Archaeologists uncover ancient Moorish waterways to irrigate Granada 

Amid a multitude of trails with trees that reach dozens of feet overhead, conservationists with Casa del Agua lead tours and tell stories about the forests planted over three decades.

Conservationists focus on community reforestation efforts to save Mexico’s wetlands


Mexico’s Centla wetlands are part of an ecological reserve in the southeastern Tabasco state that has been impacted by deforestation, cattle grazing and man-made fires. In recent decades, conservationists with Casa del Agua have promoted reforestation and community education to save the wetlands.

Avocado plantations in Petorca, Chile

Chileans have long struggled with a water crisis. Management practices are partly to blame, study says.


For years, people believed that climate change was to blame for the water shortage. But a recent study published in the Switzerland-based journal Water found that this shortage was not only due to the megadrought, but has also been caused by water misuse and management practices established under the country’s current legislation.

People living in Punta Chueca, home to the Comcáac, have struggled with a lack of fresh water for generations.

Desalination brings fresh water — and concern — to an Indigenous village in northern Mexico


A lack of fresh water has plagued the Comcáac people of northern Mexico for generations. There’s new hope in desalination plants, but some worry about its impact on marine life.

The white facade of the Living Lab in Sweden with a light on in the upstairs window.

This ‘living lab’ in Sweden experiments with the future of sustainable cities 

Climate Change

The Living Lab is home to 40 resident students and researchers who showcase the most advanced innovations in energy-conservation technologies. 

Woman holding hose from truck to fill water trough

Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest: What the US and Iran can learn from each other

Cities and farmers in the Southwest are resorting to unsustainable strategies to pull in more water. Iran has tried many of these strategies and shows how they can go wrong.