Nathalie Vilgrain, sixth from left, is the head of Marijàn, a feminist organization in Port-Au-Prince that is sheltering about 150 women who have been displaced by sexual violence.

In Haiti, sexual violence is devastating women and girls

Sexual violence

Gender-based violence has become a systematic problem in Haiti, with rape incidents on the rise. Activists say the documented cases are just the tip of the iceberg.

A pink sign in the forefront of a largely female crowd that reads in Spanish "Swiftie No Vota Milei"

In Argentina, ‘Swifties Don’t Vote For Milei’

Women in a small group holding signs with text written in Spanish

This tiny country is home to Europe’s toughest abortion ban

Sacred Nation
close-up shot of Honduran President Castro wearing a mask

Honduras’ first female leader faces tough times

woman near a machine

‘They’re hurting themselves’: In Lebanon, women risk their lives to get an abortion illegally 

Anti-abortion demonstrators outside the U.S. Supreme Court on the day the court overturned the landmark Roe v Wade abortion laws.

Opinion: Roe v. Wade overturned: Will more Americans travel to Canada and Mexico for abortions?


After the ruling by the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, will more Americans travel for abortions? Inequalities created by this controversial decision will be revealed at border points.

a woman near a banner

Mexico’s abortion laws have become more accessible


Mexico has slowly made reproductive health services more accessible over the last 20 years.

children in front of a mural

Kenya’s abortion debate


In Kenya, a recent court case there has revived the abortion debate. Conflicting legislation has stirred confusion about what is and is not illegal. The World’s Halima Gikandi brings us more from Nairobi.

The Supreme Court in Washington

Abortion ruling exposes deep chasm over the issue in the US


The US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, which will end constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place for nearly 50 years in the country. The move will now leave the question of abortion legality to individual states and is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half of US states.

Anesthesiologist Liu Jianmin prepares for an abortion at a clinic run by Marie Stopes International in Xi'an in central China's Shaanxi province

Abortion access in China has changed drastically amid declining birth rate


For more than 30 years, the Chinese government had restricted most people to having only one child. Illegal and forced abortions were common, and it led to a massive drop in the country’s birth rate. A new policy that started last year allows couples to have up to three children now, but many people aren’t interested.