undocumented immigrants

Jose Antonio Vargas speaks in front of a black background with white lettering

After Pittsburgh, Jose Antonio Vargas asks, ‘Who is an American?’


In a new book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer talks about how his story of being undocumented was ‘too complicated’ for activists.

Man at microphone speaking with hands up

It’s Trump versus California, but immigrants and employers already feel the fallout

17-year-old Jonathan, who has DACA status, had been planning his path to college. Then the Trump administration announced the end of DACA.

High school is hard enough without having to deal with the loss of DACA

Woman sitting on grass in front of building with two young children in front of her

Why this DACA recipient won’t be extending her protected status, but says others should

Man holding up ID card for medical school

DACA recipients won’t go back into the shadows quietly

Detention center

How immigration detention creates a shadow prison system


Today, the practice of apprehending immigrants and holding them in custody has created a shadow prison system, complete with hundreds of federal and private facilities throughout the country.

Two men in suits at front of room holding microphones

As California considers a ‘sanctuary state’ bill, this sheriff isn’t ready to give up his relationship with immigration agents


For Sheriff Scott Jones, how the city of Sacramento approaches immigration doesn’t matter — as long as he can keep allowing immigration agents into the county’s detention center and can contract with the federal government to detain immigrants.

Millions of immigrant workers without legal status file taxes without a valid Social Security number.

‘How crazy is it that undocumented people are paying for their own deportation?’


The IRS demands tax returns from citizens, green card holders, visa holders and undocumented immigrants.

Freedom University

How some immigrant student activists are tapping the civil rights playbook


In Georgia, some undocumented students are turning to civil rights-era leaders to fight for education rights. They say restrictions they face now still smack of Jim Crow. Not everyone agrees.

A man stands outside holding a photograph in front of a white sheet

One legacy of the Chinese Exclusion Act? Secrecy.


Photographer Wing Young Huie created a huge portrait exhibit on the outside walls of the History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. He grappled not just with his subjects’ family histories, but his own, too.