Special Guest: Diana Nyad

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Kurt Andersen and his guest, sports journalist Diana Nyad, look at the art of sports. Diana Nyad holds the world’s record for longest unaided swim in history, for both men and women. She set it in 1979 when she swam 102.5 miles from the island of Bimini to Florida. She’s since forged a successful career […]

robot insect

What can fly, swim and dive? This tiny robotic insect.

A view of the new swimming zone in a Paris canal

Swimmers flock to a Paris canal as the city cleans up its waterways

A pool.

There’s a sweet new test for pee in the pool

Schuyler Bailar

Harvard welcomes NCAA’s first openly transgender swimmer

Slocan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

What’s your favorite place for summer swimming?


After a long winter and now the arrival of warmer temperatures — finally — there is one thing on the minds of many: swimming. Here is a collection of some favorite summer swimming locations.

Melissa O'Reilly at the International Winter Swimming Competition in Murmansk, Russia, in March 2015.

Meet the ice swimmers who put the Polar Bear Club to shame


Imagine a swim meet where they have to cut a pool out of the ice with a chainsaw so you can jump in — in little more than your Speedo. That’s not a nightmare for cold-water swimmers — it’s their goal.

Boy jumps into public pool in Auxerre.

No Speedo? Then don’t try to go swimming in France — seriously


Public pool rules in France say your swimsuit can’t be something you could be found wearing outside the pool. That means no trunks, Bermuda shorts, T-shirts or anything that is not strictly meant for swimming. But bust out all the Speedos you want.

U.S. dominance in Olympic swimming not reflected in American pools

Health & Medicine

The United States routinely produces some of the world’s best swimmers. Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Natalie Coughlin are all expected to medal at the Olympics. But a surprising number of Americans don’t know how to swim.

Robotic lifeguard ‘Emily’ to assist lifeguards at beaches across the country


An Arizona-based company, Hydronalix, has created a robotic flotation device named Emily that could provide assistance to lifeguards and help save lives.