The Rhine River passes through Basel, a Swiss city that sits near the borders of Germany and France.

Salmon are returning to Europe’s Rhine River, but a key barrier remains


European countries that border the Rhine River are working together to restore an old migration route, but manmade structures present a major hurdle.

You won't find a lot of wild salmon on menus or in your supermarket anymore, but the Namgis First Nation's group in British Columbia hopes you'll find their tank-farmed Kuterra salmon the next best thing.

This Canadian First Nations group wants you to buy salmon raised on land

A man offers his fish for sale at a central fish market in Athens, Greece.

Seven questions you should ask to try to make sure your fish wasn’t caught by slaves

Blue Marlin

Saving our fisheries and feeding a growing population are both possible

Chandra Chifici at Deanie's Seafood weighs shrimp for customers in Metairie, Louisiana, in 2010.

How American seafood goes almost everywhere except America

Pete Knutson and his son Dylan sell local Pacific salmon at outdoor markets around the Seattle area. The sign on their stall at a recent market in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood reads, “In response to multiple customer inquiries regarding the Fukushima i

Worried about radioactive ‘Fukushima’ fish in the US? Don’t be, scientists say


Nearly three years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, many consumers in the US remain concerned about radiation in fish from the Pacific Ocean. One Seattle fisherman finally got his fish tested, and found what many scientists have also found: there’s nothing to worry about.

Aging dam in Washington State a death trap for spawning fish


A lot of time an energy has gone into rebuilding the fish stocks in Washington State, with some success. But on the White River, there’s an aging dam that was never designed to allow fish to migrate and spawn. Now, a local Indian tribe says fish are dying by the thousands.

Fish restoration project complicated affair on Washington’s Elwha River


There’s an effort in Washington to restore the stock and habitat of some of its native fish. On the Elwha River, that’s meant taking down dams to restore natural habitat. But new problems have cropped up, lawsuits have been filed and, frankly, the fish aren’t always cooperating.

Climate change threatens California’s stock of native fish


California’s rivers and lakes are getting warmer, which puts a great deal of stress on the native fish that live in those bodies of water. But all isn’t lost. There are changes that could be made that could help keep them from going extinct.

As Federal Reserve meets, eyes on further economic stimulus measures

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake has been signaling in recent days that it may be time for another round of economic measures to bolster the economy. The board of the federal reserve meets on Tuesday, and eyes are on Bernake to see if he’ll move now.