Penguins stand on ice in Antarctica.

Emperor Penguins could march to extinction if nations fail to halt climate change


Emperor Penguins are facing extinction if the rapidly melting Antarctic ice is not preserved. Stephanie Jenouvrier, an Associate Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, explains what needs to be done to save the vulnerable species.

The Greatest Penguin GIFs on the Internet

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How many pengos can you spot?

It’s World Penguin Day! Help scientists count penguins.

Adelie penguins

In Antarctica, displaced penguins may be a sign of climate change

Adults emperor penguins stand with their chicks.

Scientists find fossil evidence of a penguin that stood taller than a man

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World Quiz — Where’s a post office with a view… of penguins?

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Name a place — discovered in 1904 — where you can find the southernmost working post office (open to tourists) in the world. It was set up by the British as a base during WWII, then operated as a British research station until 1962. Designated Historic Site No. 61 under the Antarctic Treaty, today it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antarctica.

VIDEO: Australian conservationists using a dog to help save endangered penguins


The Little Penguins are disappearing around Sydney in Australia, but a new tool — a dog — is helping conservationists get a handle on their hard-to-find birds.

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Antarctica: Penguin Population Double Previous Estimate


A new census of emperor penguins has found that there are roughly twice as many as had been estimated. The new numbers don’t change the fact that Antarctic penguins are seriously threatened by climate change. Host Lisa Mullins speaks with Michelle LaRue.

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Emerging Science Note/From the Belly of a Penguin

Living on Earth’s Maggie Villiger reports on how penguins can store food for weeks in their stomachs without it spoiling.

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Building homes for South African penguins


Terry Fitzpatrick reports from Cape Town on an effort to save threatened South African penguins. One conservation group is building special nesting igloos so more of the penguins will make it to adulthood.