A man victoriously holds up a piece of paper and smiles as other people around him also smile

Climate activists get more strategic with their use of the courts

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There’s a growing trend of activists using lawsuits to hold governments and powerful corporations accountable for their roles in climate change.

A large cargo ship is shown smoking and sinking into the ocean.

Sri Lanka faces an environmental disaster

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Extinction Rebellion protestors march on the Dail (parliament) on Budget day in Dublin, Oct. 8, 2019.

Activists took the Irish govt to court over its national climate plan — and won

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A sign reads "no sex" in the red-light district in Amsterdam.

Sex workers in Europe struggle to survive as clubs slowly reopen

Three siblings smile and pose while sitting in the pew of a church

Dutch church ends 96-day service as Armenian family spared deportation

Rie van de Mueren (r) used to be a professional ballroom dancer. She's with Dieuwer Duijf at the Music Salon, which holds dance parties for the elderly in north Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is tackling loneliness one dance party at a time


Public health experts now say loneliness is a growing health threat. Amsterdam is taking the subject seriously.

Americans spend six billion hours and $10 billion every year preparing and filing their taxes.

Many countries have a simple, fair tax system. Could the US be next?


The US tax code is notoriously dysfunctional. Meanwhile, countries from New Zealand to Estonia have devised equitable, effective tax structures.

Linawato Sidarto has lived in Amsterdam almost as long as she lived in Indonesia, but she says she doesn't think she'll ever be able to feel Dutch.

First- and second-generation Dutch wonder whether they’ll ever be considered locals

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Identity, integration and Islam were critical issues in the Dutch spring elections in the Netherlands. At the heart of the debate was who belongs in the Netherlands.

Dutch far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders campaigns for the 2017 Dutch election in Spijkenisse, a suburb of Rotterdam, on February 18.

Why some immigrants in the Netherlands plan to vote for the ‘Dutch Donald Trump’

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The Dutch suburb of Spijkenisse is a center of support for the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders.

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Why do so many people in the Netherlands work part-time? Because they can


When it comes to part-time work, the Netherlands is the capital. Part-time policies have gotten more women into the workplace, but now some women are finding they’re hitting a Dutch glass ceiling.