Commuters ride on rickshaws as streets are flooded due to heavy monsoon rains in Dhaka.

Floods and landslides kill over 1,200 in South Asia


There are no official estimates on damage yet, but thousands of acres of farmland are devastated and more than 1,200 people have been killed in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Climate change might leave a bad taste in your mouth. Literally.

A passenger cools off a child using a pipe that supplies water to trains at a railway station on a hot summer day in the northern Indian city of Allahabad April 23, 2015.

Despite the extreme heat wave hitting India ‘you have to keep going’

Flood in Kashmir

A journalist returns to his hometown in Kashmir after the worst flood in a century


Extreme Weather-Colorado Floods

Indian meteorologists trying to develop more precise forecasts of critical monsoon rains

India’s agricultural sector, which employs about half of the country’s population, depends on the annual monsoon rains for its very existence. Without it, the crops won’t grow, people won’t eat, won’t have money — won’t survive.

Reflecting on India’s Monsoon Rains


Every year reporter Deepak Singh, who lives in Virginia, travels back home to Lucknow, India. Usually he beats the monsoon rains. This year, they arrived before he did.

The World

Vietnam Floods

Deforestation is said to be the major cause of the floods that have devastated a number of Southeast Asian nations. Owen Bennett Jones reports from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam where the monsoon rains are expected to continue, at least, through the end of November.