Energy policy

Lower reservoir on El Hierro island

Spanish island dumps diesel for wind, water and sunshine


El Hierro, a tiny island in the Canaries, is halfway to the UN goal of ditching fossil fuels. But finding just the right renewable energy mix is proving tough.

A man standing in a dimly lit room showing large renewable batteries

Renewable energy seen as an answer to Ukraine’s wartime energy woes

Port cranes load a climate friendly LNG, liquefied natural gas, powered container ship at the import and export harbor in Hamburg, Germany

Europe’s new liquified gas infrastructure puts climate targets in question

Pipes at the landfall facilities of the 'Nord Stream 2' gas pipeline are pictured in Lubmin, northern Germany

The invasion in Ukraine could mean less reliance on energy from Russia, analyst says

A man walks past electricity pylons at an electricity sub station in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021. 

As energy prices soar in Spain, residents seek renewable alternatives

A crowd of protesters

What Germany’s energy revolution can teach the US

Hundreds of wind and solar co-ops have taken on big utilities and shown they can reliably power the grid — and hugely reduce emissions.

Jay Inslee climate scorecard

Greenpeace releases scorecard for Democratic presidential candidates’ commitment to climate change


Although climate change wasn’t discussed much in the 2016 presidential election, this time around it’s turning out to be a much hotter topic. Greenpeace has created a scorecard to help voters understand where each candidate currently stands on the climate crisis.

Cleaning up power lines in Puerto Rico

Renewable energy and resilient microgrids could help rebuild Puerto Rico


Many experts believe renewable energy and distributed microgrids can save costs and be a better solution to extreme weather. Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure could present an opportunity to make this a reality.

Rick Perry

How do you lead a government agency you once said should be abolished?


Former presidential hopeful and one-time Texas Gov. Rick Perry now heads the Department of Energy, an agency he once said could be eliminated with no loss to the public.

Standing Rock protesters

Dakota Access Pipeline protests could change how the US government works with Native Americans


After a judge denied a halt to construction of the section of the Dakota Access pipeline that borders the Standing Rock Sioux Nation reservation, three federal agencies issued a joint hold on the portion in dispute. This marks a change in attitude by the federal government concerning Native American rights.