Democratic Republic of the Congo

Juliana Lumumba, the daughter of Patrice Lumumba, speaks during a ceremony to return the remains of her father to the family at the Egmont Palace in Brussels

Return of Patrice Lumumba’s remains to DR Congo gives ‘peace of mind,’ UN envoy says


Belgium has returned the mortal remains of Congolese independence hero Patrice Lumumba to Democratic Republic of Congo and his family. Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja, DR Congo’s representative to the United Nations, discussed the move and its significance with The World’s host Carol Hills.

King Philippe of Belgium, right, greets 100-year-old corporal Albert Kunyuku, the last surviving Congolese veteran of World War II during a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Wednesday June 8, 2022. 

Belgian King Philippe’s visit to DR Congo stirs hope for a ‘win-win partnership,’ historian says

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Shafts of sunlight filtering through the forest canopy strike smoke from fires burning outside family huts at an Mbuti pygmy hunting camp in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve outside the town of Epulu, Congo

DR Congo faces criticism over plans to open Congo rainforest to commercial logging

In this photo taken Aug. 17, 2012, one of the few remaining miners digs out soil which will later be filtered for traces of cassiterite, the major ore of tin, at Nyabibwe mine, in eastern Congo. 

Rebels with a business cause: Part II

Critical State
A health worker wearing Ebola protection gear walks next to tents.

How the Ebola crisis in DR Congo has changed in the last year

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A man sits while getting his temperature checked.

‘No place for complacency’ as Ebola detected in eastern DR Congo

Health & Medicine

Over the last year, an Ebola epidemic has gripped Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus has reached the eastern city of Goma, home to over 1 million people. David Gressly, UN’s Ebola response coordinator, talks about what this means for the fight against the virus.

Pierre Mambele

The man behind the wheel of Congo’s news


Congolese driver Pierre Mambele was a driver, a guide, a fearless protector and — above all — a loyal friend. He died on June 8, aged 74.

Claude Rwaganje and colleague at an event aiding asylum seekers in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, turns ‘crisis’ to ‘opportunity’ for African migrants


Hundreds of migrants are sleeping in an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, Maine. Both Portland and the state of Maine have welcomed migrants.

workers carrying coffin of a victim of ebola

Deadly Ebola outbreak contained within Congo

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The Ebola outbreak — by far the biggest Congo has seen, and the world’s second largest in history — was declared by national authorities in August. It is concentrated in Congo’s North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

a man without shoes, sits on a big pile of papers while he examines voting materials

What DRC’s flawed election means for emerging democratic culture in Africa

As the world waits amid growing international pressure for the national electoral commission to make official the results, it’s already possible to see that significant change has come to DRC.