After the discovery of commercial quantities of oil in 2006, Hoima, Uganda, is being referred to as “Oil City,” Hoima, Uganda, November 2022.

Why African countries like Uganda are investing in fossil fuels


Uganda is seeking to develop and refine its oil in partnership with the French energy company Total, and a state-owned Chinese corporation.

This mother polar bear and her two cubs are headed down to the sea ice in the Svalbard archipelago. She’ll have to teach them to hunt seals, their primary prey, in a changing landscape.

Svalbard’s polar bears persist as sea ice melts — but not forever

Climate Change
A caravan of migrants head north towards the US-Mexico border, as they depart from Tapachula, Mexico

Migrants set up camp under Del Rio bridge along US-Mexico border

Top of The World
Kpinchilla, a small village in northern Ghana, reels under the impact of the climate crisis.

Glasgow climate talks: Africa negotiators mobilize for climate finance 

The Big Fix
Smoke billows from stacks against a setting sun.

The blame game in international politics: Part II

Critical State
Fossilized tree rings

The history of the world is written in tree rings

Climate Change

Trees store information about climatic conditions in the rings they lay down each year. Dendrochronology — the science of studying these rings — allows scientists to learn about the ancient climate on Earth.

A person wears colorful, pride-themed boots as they await the start of a queer liberation march for Black Lives Matter and against police brutality

A queer nature photographer on the great outdoors and hiking in 6-inch heels

Lifestyle & Belief

The great outdoors is wild, rugged — and often cast in masculine terms. So, it can be easy for queer and gender non-conforming people to feel excluded from outdoor spaces. Photographer Wyn Wiley wants to change that.

Smoke rises from the Bobcat Fire burning near Mount Wilson in the Angeles National Forest, near Los Angeles, Sept. 23, 2020.

This author argues that fighting climate change means focusing on ‘Earth repair’

The Big Fix

Judy Schwartz, author of “The Reindeer Chronicles,” has spent years spotting the good news on global warming and the environment. She talked to The World’s host Marco Werman about her new book.

A green cardboard box sits on a door stoop.

Want to help the planet? Ditch your grocery cart for a meal kit.


Home-delivered meal kits are booming across the globe. They send us the raw ingredients and a recipe; we cook it up. But is our lust for convenience hurting or helping the planet?

Researchers Scott Landolt and Mark Seefeldt set up an automatic snowfall measuring system in Antarctica.

An unexpected challenge on Antarctica: Measuring snowfall

The amount of snowfall is an important parameter used in modeling how the Antarctic continent’s mass of ice will change in the coming decades. As the planet warms, the margins of the continent are melting three times faster than just one decade ago.