Rhode Island

About one-third of the staff at the Stoneacre restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island, is from overseas.

Hospitality industries in the US struggle to find workers, but international labor is ticking up


The COVID-19 pandemic created a shortfall in foreign workers when their visas weren’t approved to return to the US. A decline in the number of Americans willing to take service sector jobs doubled the impact for small business owners.

People hold banners as they demonstrate on the street to protest against police brutality in Lagos, Nigeria, Oct. 19, 2020.

Nigerians in the diaspora join #EndSARS protests

A 1795 logbook from the slave ship called the Mary is on display at Georgetown University Library.

A slave ship’s logbook from 1795 reveals harrowing details of the middle passage

A government official talks to Mexican deportees

Fearing detention, undocumented immigrants seek ways to appoint guardians for their children

Musicians sit on a stage in blue lighting

Azoreans long for family abroad with this double-hearted instrument


How an ICE contract divided a Rhode Island city along racial and generational lines

Holding detainees has become big business for private companies and some local governments. But there’s increasing pushback from protesters in places like California and Oregon. The issue has divided communities such as Central Falls, Rhode Island.

Wind turbine against a blue sky.

Zinke announces new leases for offshore wind power on both US coasts


Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has focused primarily on supporting oil, gas and mining interests — his announcement of new offshore wind projects came as a bit of a shock.

Under a new carbon offset program that is gaining popularity in Congress, oil and gas companies — and other manufacturers of products involving — fossil fuel would have to pay $40 for every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

New carbon offset program may have the bipartisan support it needs on Capitol Hill


After years of having difficulty passing legislation relating to greenhouse gas emissions, a group consisting of both Democrats and Republicans believe they have a plan that can make their constituents happy.

Bats have a specialized thin skin that allows their wings to change when a muscle is activated with every beat cycle of the wings.

Researchers explore the fascinating biomechanics and neuroscience of bats


To get a true sense of wonder that surrounds the movement of bats, you just have to slow things down a little.

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Actor and writer Michaela Murphy tells a story from her extraordinary childhood in the suburbs of Providence, Rhode Island.