College students wearing bear costumes

College football hype can be lost in translation for international students

If you’re not from the US, football and its traditions can be bewildering. To help their international students, many universities now offer a crash course in the rules, scoring and, of course, fight songs. Shannon Young reports from football-crazed Boulder, Colorado, that the classes aren’t just to help international students understand football but American culture.

María Teresa Navas Mejía, a long-term employee at the University of Colorado Boulder, recently received her green card thanks to Carina De La Torre and students in Colorado Law’s Immigration Defense Clinic.

Colorado law students gain ‘powerful’ lessons providing free legal services to immigrants

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A fire still burns in a home destroyed by the Marshall Wildfire in Louisville, Colorado, Friday, Dec. 31, 2021.

Colorado’s catastrophic winter firestorm may be a sign of more to come

DACA recipient Nohemi Salas is enrolled in the dental hygienist program at Community College of Denver and received Colorado state financial aid to help pay for college. 

Colorado joins handful of states that give financial aid to undocumented college students

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I-70 and Glenwood Canyon

Wildfire shuts down major US transportation corridor, signaling yet more climate disruption

Climate Change
Dogs by creek

A message for dog owners enjoying the great outdoors: Leave no poop behind


Most dog owners don’t think to pick up after their pets when out hiking in the backcountry, assuming it’s no big deal. But all that dog poop adds up to potential harm by introducing foreign bacteria and nutrients to forests, fields and streams.

Andrea Carolina and Desikan Sundararajan with Statoil, along with Dirk Richter, founder of Quanta3 (left to right), install a pilot methane detector at a Statoil well pad at the Eagle Ford Shale natural gas site in Texas.

Engineers compete to detect methane leaks, a powerful climate pollutant


Leaks of methane from gas and oil wells are a major source of climate pollution but it’s tough to detect the odorless and colorless gas. Now, a new competition is spurring inventors to come up with cheaper and more effective methane detectors. The World’s Jason Margolis profiles two of the inventors.

When Manny and Roz de Lizarriturri moved from the Philadelphia area to Pueblo, Colorado, their electricity bills jumped 30 to 40 percent. So, the couple installed solar panels.

Fed up with high rates, a Colorado city considers ditching its utility and relying on the sun


Residents in Pueblo, Colorado are engaged in a fight with their utility company, tired of paying among the highest electricity rates in the state. The city is looking into becoming its own utility — one powered by 100 percent renewable energy — a noble goal to lower rates and combat climate change.

The New Belgium Brewing Company is the 4th largest craft brewer in the US. Their beers are in demand across the globe, but the company is hesitant to expand exports too quickly.

Europeans are embracing American craft beer. So, why are exports trailing off?


In recent years, more and more overseas beer drinkers were trying out the bold, often hoppy experiments coming from America’s craft brewers. Exports of US craft beers boomed. But now, exports are cooling off. We visit the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado, the nation’s fourth-largest craft brewer, to learn about the challenges becoming a global player.

Wages for American workers are ticking upwards, but the US remains one of the world’s most inequitable nations, and one with a weak social safety net compared with other Western democracies.

Wages for American workers are ticking upward, but the US remains one of the world’s most inequitable nations

The American economy is strong by most metrics. But income inequality remains a huge concern: In some cases, a CEO can make a workers’ annual income in a single day.