Nepal earthquake

Nepal bus inspection for suspected trafficking victims

Nepal earthquake survivors are falling prey to human trafficking


Millions of people across Nepal’s earthquake-ravaged districts are still struggling to survive. Many have grown desperate — enough to fall for traffickers’ offers of a good life elsewhere.

Passengers ride inside and atop overcrowded buses as they head toward their village to celebrate a Hindu festival in Nepal in October 2015.

Nepal quake survivors were killed in a bus crash

Rebuilding efforts in Bhaktapur, Nepal

One year after Nepal’s devastating earthquake, much of the country is still in ruins

24-year-old Prapti Tamang's two-story house was destroyed during the 2015 earthquake.

Portraits from Nepal: Survivors struggle to rebuild a year after the deadly quake

Trekking the Annapurna route near Jomsom. Trekkers are critical to Nepal's tourism industry, but the travel warnings boost the cost of travel insurance for them.

Nepal says it’s open for business, but tourists are still staying away

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Rubble stones organized for building.

In Nepal, one problem is the earthquake didn’t knock down enough houses


In Nepal, the massive earthquake damaged hundreds of thousands of buildings, but it didn’t knock them all down. So now the focus is building temporary shelter, mostly using whatever materials are on hand.

A girl holding a candle takes part in a candlelight vigil, a month after the April 25 earthquake, in Kathmandu, Nepal May 25, 2015.

‘It’s a race against time’ to help Nepal’s earthquake survivors, warns one aid worker

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The UN, along with many humanitarian assistance agencies, have been helping Nepal in the aftermath of major earthquakes. But aid workers warn that people there need more help before the monsoon season arrives.

An injured woman walks toward a hospital soon after an earthquake struck Sankhu, Nepal, on May 12, 2015. The 7.3-magnitude quake killed more than two dozen people in Nepal and neighboring states.

Dozens more die after another major quake hits Nepal


Already struggling to dig out from last month’s earthquake, Nepal was hit again by a 7.3-magnitude quake on Tuesday that killed dozens and left even more people with little or no shelter.

A woman and a child, returning from a temple, walk past damaged and collapsed houses following the April 25, 2015, earthquake in Nepal.

How maps are saving lives as Nepal recovers from its earthquake


As recovery efforts continue in Nepal, one of the biggest challenges is getting supplies to badly damaged areas. Nama Budhathoki and his organization, Kathmandu Living Labs, have been working on mapping the country and the damage using badly needed crowdsourced maps.

Two girls in the Nepali village of Melchour.

Why many women in Nepal have had to deal with the disaster on their own


Most of those Nepalis affected by the earthquake in April were women who have had to deal with the disaster on their own. Journalist Purvi Thacker happened to be in Nepal last month when the earthquake hit. She describes meeting women faced with the reality of providing aid on the ground and dealing with their own destroyed homes and lives.