Darjeeling is nestled amid lush tea gardens and overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas in India’s northeast. But landscapes like these pose challenges while conducting elections.

What it takes to pull off the world’s largest election in India


Election officials spread out across India to set up voting booths in some of its most remote corners of the country. It’s to ensure, by law, that no voter is farther than 1.25 miles from a polling station. Poll workers haul precious cargo — braving extreme weather and difficult terrain — to make sure everyone votes.

Women voters expected to play significant role in India’s general election

Anti-government Russian demonstrators took to the streets in Decembe, 2011, increasing pressure on Vladimir Putin as he sought a new term as Russian president. The placard reads "Get tired! Leave!"

Putin’s Cold War mentality explains a lot

Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi says his country's politicians must heal the country's ethnic divide.

Ethnic tensions threaten to engulf post-election Kenya. This activist sees a way out.

Alexis Sinduhije, Samantha Power and Bryan Rich at the Committee to Protect Journalists awards in 2004

Burundi exile to US’s Samantha Power: ‘You shake the hand of the killers’