Bundz cheese from Poland.

Polish cheesemakers bask in newfound fame


The food website Taste Atlas recently rated the light and creamy bundz, made from sheep’s milk, as one of the top cheeses in the world. The cheese doesn’t come from France or Italy — it comes from the southern mountains of Poland.

scientists on lake

Geologists edge closer to defining the Anthropocene

PTAK Expo Center in Warsaw, Poland.

Ukrainian refugees in Poland will now be charged to stay in state-funded housing

The book includes haunting photos from inside the ghetto, along with its record of the medical effects of starvation.

Warsaw Ghetto’s defiant Jewish doctors secretly documented the medical effects of Nazi starvation policies

Denmark's military officers stand next to a Leopard 2A7 tank at the Tapa Military Camp, in Estonia, Jan. 19, 2023.

Tanks for Ukraine are ‘ready to go’ when Germany and US strike a deal, retired Navy Adm. says

In this September 1947 file photo, hundreds of Muslim refugees crowd on top a train leaving New Delhi for Pakistan.

State reformation: Part II

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive this week into the power and politics of collective memory when it comes to partitions. “If states told ghost stories, they would tell them of past partitions,” Kelsey D. Atherton writes.

Historians come together to uncover disturbing aspects of Polish and Eastern European shared history.

War in Ukraine spurs new bonds between historians of shared Soviet past


As Russian dissidents flee to Poland, this moment has created an unexpected opportunity for historians in both countries to work together to uncover the more disturbing aspects of their shared history.

destroyed tanks

These Ukrainians are trying to rebuild their lives at home — despite renewed Russian strikes


Recent Russian attacks have damaged power grids and water systems in the capital, Kyiv, but families are returning home, and crews of electrical maintenance workers are being charged with bringing power back to the city.

view of monument

War in Ukraine expedites Poland’s move to destroy Soviet-era monuments


The Polish government has steadily been demolishing dozens of Soviet-era monuments ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But many Polish citizens believe preserving their country’s complicated history is important.

people on street walking past banners

Poland has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other EU country. Local mayors say they’re running out of money. 


Poland has taken in nearly 1.5 million Ukrainians since the war began. Local mayors say they’re now running out of money to support refugees. And the vast network of volunteers that turned up in the early months of the invasion say that they’re running out of energy, too.